Iceland is a very fascinating country to visit. Even though the land is placed on the edge on the inhabitable world based on its location, the climate is such that the temperature is rarely high on average and the periods of cold weather are rarely long. The Gulf Stream, which goes clockwise around the country, plays a large role in making the country inhabitable.


Iceland has magnificent nature. The land is mountainous with small lowland by the shore. The South shore is an exception but more lowland is on that area, where grassy countryside and black sands interchange. Iceland has generous fishing grounds along its shores and fishing are practised all around the country. It is fished in trawls, boat seine and also on longline.

Deep-sea fishing is a popular sport. The whole family can participate and this kind of fishing is not particularly for men. Women and children can as easily participate. It is entertaining to see this beautiful land from the sea. The vessels that are used in this kind of fishing are safe and good sea vessels and the boat rentals endeavour to make sure that that is the case.

The Westfjords are very good area to practice deep-sea fishing. There are fjords and creeks which are excellent for fishing. The mountains have flat edges which is very typical for the landscape there. It is amazing experience to consort with this beautiful and spectacular nature, both on sea and on land.

Öll réttindi áskilin © Fræðslumiðstöð Vestfjarða